The environment in which we operate is changing at a high speed. With our strategy, we combine opportunities and possibilities for the European gas and energy market. Declining European gas production makes it necessary to integrate new sources and increase the flexibility of our energy system. Geopolitical developments as well as the transition to a sustainable "green" energy future defines the framework of our activities. With our know-how and our position towards themes like: reliability and safety, we are perceived as a strong innovative company in the energy market.

The 3 strategic pillars of Gasunie

Although natural gas is the cleanest fossil energy available with a infrastructure well suited to integrate renewable energy, the position of natural gas is critically discussed. Nonetheless, we believe that natural gas will make a very important contribution to the EU, Germany and the Netherlands. Besides, gas is becoming increasingly sustainable by using "green gas" such as biogas an power to gas. These "green gas" options will gradually replace natural gas.

Our corporate strategy describes how we, as al leading gas infrastructure company of Northwestern EU, will achieve goals benefitting our customers and the society.  Besides, we also create value for our shareholders where possible.

How we reach our goals

The strategy of Gasunie is based on 3 pillars:


  1. Ensure a secure, reliable, affordable and sustainable gas infrastructure in our key area.
  2. Contribute to an efficient gas infrastructure & services for well-functioning European gas and LNG market.
  3. Accelerate the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply.