Network connection

Gasunie Deutschland operates a 3800 kilometer high pressure network connected to the Netherland, Norway, Denmark and Russia via five cross border points. Gas can enter our system via 30 different points. And 175 exit stations are in place to handle the outgoing gas flow. The system itself is supported by a total of 31 compressor units which ensure the reliability of our gas transport.

Grid connection made easy

A network access point can be realizes via an already existing transfer stations or via a new network connection which is then built by Gasunie Deutschland. We offer our network access customers non-discriminatory access to our system based on the: Gas Network Access Ordinance, the Cooperation Agreement and the Gasunie Deutschland Terms and Conditions (current versions).

The following parties belong to the group of grid connection customers:

  • Network operators (distribution network operators and municipalities)
  • End users (mainly industrial customers)
  • Storage operators, LNG- and production facilities
  • Gas power plants
  • Biogas operators and power-to-gas plants

For a new network access point, we ask for a written notification. This should include technical parameters such as: the location of the network access point; the entry and exit quantity in standard cubic meters per hour; the minimum transfer pressure and the expected date of commissioning of the grid connection point.

After examining the grid connection request and further technical clarification for the establishment of the grid connection, Gasunie will make an offer to the connecting party for setting up the grid connection as well as to agree on the corresponding grid connection contract.

Network operator

The technical requirements in the "Guidelines of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH for the planning, construction and operation of a grid connection" (current version) have to be met when construction and operation a grid connection. You can access the aforementioned guidelines here.

If you are planning to connect to the network of Gasunie, please contact us and provide a short description of your project.

Final user

We would be pleased to assist with the implementation of a grid connection to the infrastructure of Gasunie Deutschland. Please contact us and provide a brief description of the project, so we can provide support during the planning and development phase.   


Storage, LNG, gas power plants & production

The Gas Network Access Regulation (paragraphs 38 & 39) provides specific arrangements for TSO to arrange capacity reservation and expansion requirements for storage operators, LNG, production and gas power plants. Further information regarding the regulation structure and uniform handling by TSO's are described in the current version of the  "Cooperation Agreement between gas network operators located in Germany".

After receiving a request for the reservation of capacity according to § 38 of the GasNZV, Gasunie will review the necessary documents provided by the applicant an the costs for the capacity reservation check. The applicant will receive response within two weeks.

For a connection to our network as described in §38 / 39, please contact us with a short project description.

Biogas, SNG, Hydrogen

Gasunie is committed to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. We believe in a sustainable future with a balanced energy mix in which the gas that we provide, will continue to play an important role. This gas can come from different sources and parties. Furthermore, we enable parties that are interested in feeding in: bio methane (on specification), synthetic natural gas (SNG) and/or hydrogen in our network, where possible. Regulations for the feed-in of biogas is described in part 6 of the gas network access regulation.

To feed in bio methane, synthetic natural gas and hydrogen in our transport system, please complete the "grid connection request - biomethane" form (only German). An information document regarding the technical minimum requirements for feeding in processed bio methane (on specification), can be found here.

If you are interested in the connection of a power-to-gas system and the supply of SNG, hydrogen or bio methane, then please contact us with a brief description of the project.