Capacity products

Shippers who would like to transport natural gas in our network to their customers can use PRISMA. This is a online platform for booking capacity that offers a wide variety of capacity products.

Overview of capacity products

We offer you the following capacity products:

  • Freely allocatable entry capacity: This capacity product enables shippers to use the gas infrastructure from the booked entry point to the virtual trading point of market area GASPOOL (GASPOOL Hub) in which the booking took place.
  • Freely allocatable exit capacity: the shipper who are within the Gasunie network can get from the GASPOOL Hub to the booked exit point of the market area.
  • Limited allocatable capacity: This allows the shipper to use the booked entry point up to one or more specified exit points as well as usage of the booked exit points belonging to one or more specified entry points. However, it is not possible to use the GASPOOL Hub.