Transparency databases

Transparency databases

The transparency database of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH can be opened with the following link:

transparency database.

With this database, you will be able to obtain several facts regarding our relevant points, e.g. capacity situation, gas flows and nominations.


In the following transparency database please find the historical data over the last five years in regards to relevant publication data of jordgas Transport.

Archive transparency database jordgas Transport

How to use the database?

Please start by selecting a relevant point from the list of entry or exit points. Next, please click the [Details] button located bottom left on the page. The application will show you the requested point data in a pop up window, grouped by publication types. You can download each of the publication time series (format: Excel - analogous presented values).

Please note that the points used in our database represent only one direction. That means that one relevant point is split into two points with the same name. The direction of the gas flow is indicated by the point type : Entry or Exit.

The basis of all calculations is the gas day from 6 to 6 hrs.

The available firm capacity is the difference between the technical capacity and contracted firm capacity. Capacity applying to §14 GasNZV, or e.g. reservations according to §38 GasNZV as of September 3rd 2010 are not included here.

The available interruptible capacity is infinit.

Data on the stations presented in the list beneath (Gasunie joint ventures), presents only the Gasunie part of the allocation. The actual physical flows, nominations and re-nominations currently still correspond to the sum of the shares of all partners.

EMDEN - NPT H070/H370
EMDEN - EPT1 H071/H371
ELLUND H094/H106
ETZEL H152/H171

The gross calorific value is updated hourly. First preliminary values are shown, who later on will be replaced by the final values.

Because we usually have no interruption of firm capacities, you will find only values under that title if an event has occurred. The calculation of interruptions for interruptible capacities is running continuously. So, there you'll find a zero if no interruption has taken place.

In case you have any more questions, please contact us.