Data communication

Gasunie and the neighboring TSO's, agreed on using electronic communication systems that enable automated data processing to handle orders. If, due to technical problems, a network operator is temporarily unable to use the communication system in place, Gasunie can be asked to serve as a substitute.

Requirements for data communication and communication systems

When problems arise with the data communication system, alternatively proposed systems that are economically and technically applicable will be used. The neighboring network operator is obliged to take all appropriate measures to use the originally agreed communication systems again. As soon as they are available, the TSO must immediately re-send all non-automated messages that were sent to GUD as automatically processable messages.

The network operator, who placed a capacity order, must ensure that the business news can be processed and read out at any time (24/7).

To verify a smooth communication, Gasunie is entitled to conduct a communication test with the network operator. In this communication test, we check whether the customer has the possibility to send messages to us or to receive and process them from us. In this context, we also check whether our communication requirements (for example 24/7 accessibility) can be met.