General Information

Where to find what?

System and services

Here you will find network information, services, tariffs and general information relevant for accessing our network. You will also be able to see the model contracts. With more information on network interconnection points, network connection conditions and information on planned interruptions.

Our Transparency databases

You can download the technical data for our relevant poins from here. This data will include current and historical data on gas flows and nominations (starting on 3 March 2011).

You will find there the historical data over the last five years in regards to relevant publication data of jordgas Transport.

Secondary trading

You will find notices and information about the possibility of secondary capacity trading here.

Storage usage

You will find data on the use of the storages connected to our network here.

Balancing and flexibility services

You will find information on balancing and flexibility services here.

In case you have any questions regarding the information provided, or access problems, please contact us