Booking capacity

The cooperation agreement describes exactly how Gasunie processes order requests. The customer indicates the desired order capacity in the relevant order period when ordering via the portal. A confirmed order represents a binding offer.

Handling order requests

Orders can be placed an managed via the portal of Gasunie Deutschland. Please use the following link to access the portal:

Registration in order to use the portal should be done in advance. The registration form can also be accessed via the above link and then tab: registration. Furthermore, the conditions for placing this years internal orders can be found here (insert correct link).

Gasunie has a leadtime of 10 working days to process requests after the deadline: July 15. Two possible outcomes are afterwards possible: 

• Status of request after check-up: "booked"
• Status of request after check-up: "individual check required"

The order quantity that matches the fixed capacity from the previous year is automatically accepted.  If the order is:

  1. higher than the fixed capacity quantity in the previous year, or
  2. there are no figures of the past,

Then, allocation is based on the fixed capacity that is confirmed in the previous year. Additional ordered capacity is in this case rejected. The request then receives the status "Individual check required". Gasunie will inform the purchaser of this result by e-mail and this is visible in the order portal.

Gasunie carries out an individual examination whenever the customer's request could not completely be granted. The goal is to provide maximum possible fixed capacity. The individual examination is automatic (taking into account: amount of rejected capacity and confirmed capacity). So, as a purchaser, you do not have to do anything. Gasunie also makes sure that the capacity calculation handles all the competing capacity orders equivalent.

Final feedback concerning the individual examination will be shared every year before 16 October.

Initially rejected capacity will be automatically approved when the final examination shows that it can be provided permanently. You will be notified by e-mail and the results are visable in the order portal.

The proposal in your portal can outline two options or a combination of these two options:
• The initially rejected capacity can be provided for the coming order year on a fixed basis
• The initially rejected capacity can only be provided on an interruptible basis.

If the network operator does not reject the offer completely or proportionally within ten working days, it is considered accepted.