As a leading gas infrastructure company of Northwestern Europe,  Gasunie focusses on realizing an European gas market. Our goal is to accomplish a secure and reliable service for our customers in several sectors like: Industry, trading and households. Our target areas are the Netherlands, North Germany and other parts of Europe.

Gas roundabout Nordwestern Europe

Integrating our European energy market implies that Member States can depend and complement each other where possible.  Having this as a foundation, Gasunie is committed to flourish international cooperation within the energy sector. Having a strong and international position, is not only good for Europe, Germany and the Netherlands, but it will also offer developing opportunities.

We develop innovative and intelligent infrastructure-services, expand our extensive network for the transport of natural gas as well as sustainable green gas and participate in various new energy projects. With the activities we undertake,  our ambition is to stay on top of the trends and changes in the energy market and provide our customers with the best possible service standard.


Crossing borders in energy

Gasunie has two subsidiaries who are in control of our extensive transport network: Gasunie Deutschland in Germany and Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) in the Netherlands.

But besides our role as Transmission System Operator we also offer services like gas storage capacity (EnergyStock), we have a pipeline to England (BBL) and a LNG terminal (Gate). In order to develop green gas initiatives we also established Vertogas. Producers and handlers can use Vertogas to cerfity their green gas.

The virtual trading platform TTF (Title Transfer Facility), which is meanwhile the largest virtual trading center for natural gas in Europe is making a major contribution to the EU natural gas market. The trading markets ensure gas availability in Northwestern Europe in sufficient quantities for affordable prices.