European processes

The European TSO have formed a new collaboration in 2009 called ENTSOG (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas). The aim of this body is to create a common European internal market for natural gas. Both the EU commissions and the European regulatory authority (ACER) have ENTSOG as their contact partner.

Harmonized planing

Only a reliable and secure transnational transport network can effectively meet current and future natural gas needs in Europe. This requires enhanced cross-border access to the natural gas grid, further development of international gas trade, improved cooperation of existing regional transport systems and the development of a European regulatory framework to support the market and gas supply.

ENTSOG, the Association of European Transmission System Operators for Gas, is responsible for the Ten Year Net Development Plan (10YNDP). This plan is constructed every two years to provide a clear picture of the European gas infrastructure and to identify potential gaps in future investments. The 10YNDP aims to capture the larger dynamics of the European gas market by focusing on revenue potential, the development of a single market and the security of supply.

An important instrument is the Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP), which is published every two years. It is the result of intensive cooperation between the TSO's of the nine countries that make up the North-Western European Region and contributes as one of the six regional groups. Gasunie plays a key role as coordinator for the regional group.

Information on current and previous versions of the GRIP can be found on the ENTSOG website.