The Gasunie network

Gasunie operates an over 15,500 kilometers long natural gas transmission network in the Netherlands and northern part of Germany. It is one of the largest natural gas networks in Europe. In Germany alone, there are approx. 3,800 kilometers of high pressure lines.

Germany is not only one of the largest natural gas markets in the world, it is also one of the most attractive in Europe. This is because it has an important role in European natural gas transit.

In order to provide our customers with safe natural gas transport at all times, we can rely on our extensive cross-border network of pipelines, measuring/control stations and the compressor systems. This includes an approximately 440 km long Northern European Natural Gas Pipeline (NEL), in which Gasunie participates. The pipeline connects Gasunie with the Nord Stream pipeline that runs all the way to Russia.

Besides our cross border network, Gasunie also operates a terminal for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Rotterdam and is involved in further development of the German market.

Gasunie infrastructure in Germany Gasunie infrastructure in Germany

At 30 different points (including five cross-border stations) natural gas can be fed into our transport network. The transfer takes place at 175 exit stations. Ten compressor stations with a total of 31 compressor units ensure a reliable transport of the gas. The central control of the transported gas quantities is carried out by our experts in the control center Schneiderkrug. Gasunie can rely on powerful processing computers for this task. Our control center has one of the world's most advanced natural gas monitoring and control systems.