Booking request in case of a PRISMA/ Gasunie connected system failure

In case of a failure of capacity booking platform primary or the connected systems of Gasunie due to technical reasons, Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (GUD) offers in accordance with the in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) – GT&C-EEC, part 1, section 1 an emergency process for the required day-ahead capacity bookings. Bookings through the emergency process can only be made for the next upcoming gas day. In case of a failure over the weekend a new booking request has to be made daily for the next gas day.

The booking request in case of a failure of the capacity booking platform or the connected systems has to be sent to us in standardized form. Please use exclusively this writable pdf-form.

Please send the filled form to as well as to under observance of the deadlines mentioned below.

Please be aware: other requests, for example by phone or via fax, cannot be taken into account. If you use only one of the email addresses mentioned above or another email address the consideration of the request cannot be guaranteed.

Requests for day-ahead capacities will be accepted only during the timeslot 17:00h until 18:00 h (local time). Received requests before or after this timeslot cannot be considered. If you notice problems with the bookings before or after the timeslot please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can start the troubleshooting asap.

The allocation of capacities is carried out according to Gasunie´s ability and without any guarantee. Received binding requests will be processed in chronological order and will be charged with the regulated daily capacity tariff. In case of a failure of capacity booking platform or the connected systems Gasunie cannot check on the availability of firm day-ahead capacity, so the emergency booking request is only possible on interruptible basis. Requests on firm basis will be handled as such on interruptible basis.

The emergency booking request can only be used in case of demonstrable problems with the IT-systems of GUD or with capacity booking platform . As a proof you can, for example, forward the error message which was opened by our service provider BTC (IT-support capacity booking platform). Please be aware: Problems with the IT-systems of the shipper do not entitle GUD to handle any booking request.

Summarized the following requirements for the consideration of your booking request apply:

  • You are registered at capacity booking platform and activated by GUD.

  • You use the form which you can find at the end of this text.

  • The booking request refers to the following gas day. The request is only made for interruptible capacities.

  • The capacity of the booking request will be implemented in a balancing group which is already implemented by GUD and which is clearly specified in the booking form.

The filled form will be sent to both email accounts and in the time slot between 17:00 h and 18:00 h (local time). If the request is incomplete or incorrect, the request cannot be processed by GUD. If you notice any mistake or error in your request, the request has to be sent again as a cleaned-up version and will receive a new entry time stamp.