Implementation of virtual interconnection points on German IPs and market area points

01 Dec 2017

TSOs are working full steam ahead on implementing the obligation to form VIPs, keeping a regular exchange with the Bundesnetzagentur, the German national regulatory authority.

The implementation foresees that the shipper has a central contact point, respectively one contracting party for all matters concerning the capacities included in the VIP. The German Corporation Agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung KoV) and its rules and processes will apply further for all capacity booking and handling on all physical IPs and market area points. Operational handling of the nominated flows, tariff divison etc. will be decided between the participating TSOs.

The implementation itself challenges the TSOs with some very complex aspects. On top of that, every cross-border IP requires a coordination with the cross-border partner TSOs and also several national regulatory agencies. Communicating a detailed implementation schedule is therefore currently not possible.

However, the transmission system operators will inform the shippers in good time before setting up the VIPs about the implementation and in particular on any relevant changes in booking and operation processes. From the current point of view, such information will be available in Q1 / 2018.