Gas trade in Gasunie grid area up by almost 70%

Gas trade in Gasunie grid area up by almost 70%

Groningen, 07 Juli 2010 | Press release

Traded volumes on the three gas hubs within the Gasunie grid area increased from 9 billion m3 per month to over 15 billion m3 per month in 2009. Half of this volume was traded on the Dutch TTF hub. The number of registered participants on the TTF also showed a significant increase, from around 70 to over 90. The three gas-trading hubs within the Gasunie grid are L-gas 1 of Aequamus and the GASPOOL hub in northern Germany and the TTF in the Netherlands.

These figures can be seen from analyses in Transport Insight 2010, which was published today by Gasunie Transport Services, Gasunie's new international transport service label. Transport Insight provides customers and other stakeholders of Gasunie's networkoperating subsidiaries with an annual behind-the-scenes view of transport operations and market development.

The German GASPOOL hub trades in high-calorific gas (H-gas) and became active on 1October 2009, reducing the number of German H-gas market areas to three. By providing the virtual trading point, the GASPOOL hub, and covering over 300 gas grids in Germany, this market area creates the potential for trading in approximately half of the total H-gas consumed in Germany. Traded volumes have doubled in comparison with the three separate market areas prior to 1 October 2009.

On the TTF, both traded and net volume grew in 2009. The net volume reached a size of about 100 million m3 per day in the winter period, comparable to average annual gas demand on the Dutch domestic market. The volume shows a seasonal pattern similar to the situation on the NBP, by which one can conclude that the TTF is becoming a mature market place.

The remarkable increase in the number of traders in summer 2009 can be attributed to the fact that the Netherlands introduced a single gas quality as from 1 July 2009. Before this date, two separate markets existed, one for H-gas and one for L-gas. Since the introduction of quality conversion as an integrated system service in the Netherlands, shippers no longer have to book this service separately. This has removed a major obstacle, resulting in improved market access and a higher service level for Gasunie Transport Services.


Pressrelease gas trade in Gasunie grid area (PDF)
Transport Insight (PDF)

Transport Insight 2010 can be downloaded as a PDF file from the website:
Hourly data of the Dutch gas balance can be found there as well.

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Profile of Gasunie Transport Services

Gasunie Transport Services offers integrated, cross-border gas transport services to the integrating European gas market. Gasunie Transport Services is the international transport service label of European gas infrastructure company Gasunie, which owns a gas transmission network extending over both the Netherlands and northern Germany.

Gasunie Transport Services provides its services in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner. Its aim is to promote the integrating European market on the basis of customer demand.

Offering cross-border services through Gasunie Transport Services is another step towards facilitating and promoting the integration of the European gas market. The Gasunie network, which extends over both northern Germany and The Netherlands, forms the basis for this.

Profile of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company. Its network ranks among the largest high pressure gas pipeline grids in Europe, consisting of over 15,000 kilometres of pipeline in the Netherlands and northern Germany. Gasunie serves the public interest inthe markets in which it is active and works to create value for its stakeholders. Gasunie is the first independent gas transport provider with a cross-border network in Europe.

The company offers transport services via its subsidiaries Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS) in the Netherlands and Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH in Germany and via its international transport service label Gasunie Transport Services, which offers integrated, cross-border gas transport services to the integrating European gas market.

Gasunie aims for the highest standards in safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. Because of its geographical location, the Gasunie transport network plays a key role in the North-West European gas roundabout.

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