Transparency requirements

Transparency requirements according to regulation (EG) No. 715/2009

This page presents detailled information on our transmissions network and services according to the legal requirements (in particularly Chapter 3 of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 715/2009).

3.1.2. a) - d)

Information on Items a) to d) of 3.1.2 about our system and our services you will find in our current General Terms and Conditions. You will find a detailed and comprehensive description of the various services which we offer and of the tariffs relating to them in the Pricelist and in the currently valid Cooperation Agreement (CoA - only available in German).

You will find the various types of transportation contracts for these services, the Network Code, the standard terms and conditions, and the procedures applied when using the natural-gas transmission network, including definitions of key terms, in the current General Terms and Conditions of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH.

3.1.2. e)

You will find the provisions governing procedures for capacity allocation, congestion management, prevention of capacity hoarding, and re-use in the Regulation (EC) No 715/2009, in the Regulation (EU) No 984/2013 (Netcode CAM), in the Access to Gas Supply Networks Order (GasNZV - only availabe in German)  and in the decision of the Bundesnetzagentur regarding the adjustment of the capacity allocation mechanism in the gas sector “KARLA1.1” (only available in German).

3.1.2. f)

Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market can be found here.

3.1.2. g) - h)

You will find rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charges, and if applicable, the flexibility and tolerance levels included in transportation and other services without separate charge, as well as any flexibility offered in addition to this and the corresponding charges on the sites operated by market area cooperation GASPOOL.

3.1.2. i)

This page presents a detailed description of our natural gas network.

3.1.2. j)

Guidelines for a grid connection to the natural gas network of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH can be found with the following link.

3.1.2. k) - l)

You will find information on emergency mechanisms and on other general regulations governing liability, and such procedures agreed by Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH for points of interconnection and affecting interoperability of the network as are relevant for access by network users to the gas transmission networks concerned, the procedures for nomination and matching and other agreed procedures, the regulations governing allocation of gas flows and balancing under nomination and matching of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH and in our current General Terms and Conditions. Since 2014 the so called “Leitfaden Krisenvorsorge Gas” is part of the Cooperation Agreement (CoA). These guidelines describe the processes to concretize the requirements of §21 System responsibility of the CoA.

3.1.2. m)

A description of the methodology and procedure used for calculating the technical capacity can be found here.


Information on the relevant points of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH since 3 march 2011 can be found in our transparency database. Detailled information on the maintenance schedule with possible relevant capacity reduction are presented here.

3.4.1 und 2

Information on secondary trading is published here.


Information on balancing services is published here.


As of April 1, 2013, and in compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009, Annex I, Section 3.4.5., GASPOOL publishes the aggregated balancing status of all users at the beginning of each balancing period and the forecasted aggregated balancing status of all users at the end of each gas day. 


  Details regarding our tariffs are published in the pricelist. Further information on tariffs can be obtained on the following website: PRISMA primary.