Information about the tariff structure of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH as of 01.01.2020 being valid at cross-border and market area interconnection points as well as storages

29 May 2019

Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (GUD) as TSO publishes the capacity charge for grid access in calendar year 2020, which is valid at cross-border and market area interconnection points as well as storages (capacity charge).

Due to regulatory requirements (decisions REGENT (BK9-18/611-GP) and AMELIE (BK9-18/607)), reference prices of GUD will be reduced with effect from 01.01.2020. However, these regulatory requirements have been appealed by third parties. From a current perspective, it cannot be excluded that in the course of and as a result of these legal disputes the regulatory requirements could be changed and thus the reference prices could be increased both for the future and retroactively. This is why GUD reserves the right to amend the reserve prices on the basis of legal / regulatory decisions. In addition, GUD reserves the right to request the difference between the reference price paid by the shipper and the new reference price established on the basis of a legal / regulatory decision. GUD will inform as soon as GUD knows the outcome of the legal disputes.

The capacity charge for firm flexible allocable entry and exit capacities with a duration of one year amounts to:

           3.36 [€/(kWh/h)/a]

The capacity charge for restricted-allocable and dynamically-allocable entry and exit capacities amounts to 90 percent of the respective applicable capacity charge for firm flexible allocable entry and exit capacities.

According to the decision BK9-18/612 (MARGIT) a multiplier is to be applied at all interconnection points for the conversion from yearly standard capacity products to non-yearly standard capacity products. The multiplier of a within-day standard capacity product is 2.0, the multiplier of a daily standard capacity product is 1.4, the multiplier of a monthly standard capacity product is 1.25 and the multiplier of a quarterly standard capacity product is 1.1.

Reserve prices for standard interruptible capacity products at interconnection points shall be calculated by multiplying the reserve prices for standard firm capacity products calculated according to Articles 14, 15 of Regulation (EU) No 2017/460 (NC TAR) and the decision BK9-18/611-GP (REGENT) by the difference between 100 % and the amount of the applicable ex-ante discount at the respective interconnection point for each standard capacity product in accordance with Annex I of the decision BK9-18/612 (MARGIT).

At storages the discount on interruptible capacity bookings amounts to 10 percent on the capacity charge in general.

For capacity bookings at storages a uniform discount of 75 % on the capacity charge for firm free-allocable capacity will be granted in accordance with BK9-18/611-GP (REGENT) Tenor no. 2 in so far storages are not used as cross-border interconnection points.

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