New biogas redistribution levy for GASPOOL market

New biogas redistribution levy for GASPOOL market

Hannover/Leipzig/Kassel/Emden/Kiel , 05 November 2010 | Press release

Biogas redistribution levy will increase to January 1st, 2011 from currently 32 to 54 Eurocent per Kilowatthour per hour per year (€ct/kWh/h/a).

The Biogasredistribution levy for the GASPOOL market area will increase to January 1st, 2011 from currently 32 up to 54 Eurocent per Kilowatthour per hour per year (€ct/kWh/h/a). By doing so the transmission system operators take into account an increase of biogas costs of about 80 percent within their market area as compared to 2010. These costs being reported to the German regulator Bundesnetzagentur comprise those of the gas transmission system operators and the distribution network operators of the GASPOOL market area.

The reason for this cost development is an ongoing dynamic building-up of biogas capacity. This reflects a permanent interest to install biogas facilities within the GASPOOL market area, especially within the eastern German states, which is higher than within the other German regions. Because of its favourable structural conditions for establishing biogas plants the GASPOOL market area shows the highest port density of biogas network connections in Germany.

WINGAS TRANSPORT GmbH operates a national gas pipeline network. It offers its customers state-of-the-art, competitive transport services using a high-pressure pipeline network more than 2,000 km long which covers the whole of Germany and includes nine compressor stations. More than 100 other network operators are connected to the WINGAS TRANSPORT pipeline network in Germany. More than 3 billion euros have been invested in this pipeline network overall since 1990. This infrastructure is positioned at the heart of Europe as the interface of European natural gas transportation.

ONTRAS - VNG Gastransport GmbH is a trans-regional gas pipeline operator in the European grid system. ONTRAS operates a highpressure pipeline network, which is over 7,000 km long and has around 500 interconnection points, and markets its capacities. The pipeline system runs through six federal states in Germany from the Baltic Sea coast to the German-Polish border and from the German-Polish border to the Thuringian Forest. It cooperates with over 130 downstream network operators.

Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH based in Hannover is responsible for the management, operation and development of a long-distance pipeline grid in North Germany, which is about 3,100 kilometers long. Because of its geographical position, the Gasunie pipeline network in the Netherlands and in Germany, which is more than 15,000 kilometers long in total, acts as the 'gas roundabout' of northwest Europe. Gasunie Deutschland is a subsidiary of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie.

DONG Energy Pipelines GmbH based in Kiel is a German subsidiary of the Danish energy company DONG Energy A/S, one of the leading energy providers in northern Europe. As a trans-regional gas pipeline network operator, DONG Energy Pipelines offers its customers gas transport capacities from Ellund on the Danish-German border through its high-pressure gas pipeline network.

Statoil Deutschland GmbH based in Emden is a 100% subsidiary of the Norwegian energy provider Statoil ASA. With 30,000 employees and branches in over 40 countries, Statoil is one of the biggest crude oil exporters in the world and one of the most prominent natural gas producers on the European gas market. Network operator Statoil Deutschland GmbH provides its customers with capacities for transporting natural gas. Its transport network is 341 kilometres long and runs from Dornum via Etzel to Steinitz in Saxony Anhalt.


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Gasunie Deutschland
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DONG Energy Pipelines
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