Pipeline network

Networks contribute to security of supply

Every year, billions of cubic metres of natural gas flow through the long-distance pipeline network in Germany. Natural gas infrastructure means security of supply. The German gas network operators contribute with their infrastructure which is tailored to suit market needs and highly available to this important factor of business and life. Furthermore, gas infrastructure has the potential to serve as a storage for renewable power.

The national long-distance transport grid is able to fulfil a significant role within the coming conversion of the energy supply and the efficient usage of the energy infrastructure. Only by that a stepwise exit from nuclear power supply and the ambitious goals for sustainable energy sources can be realized. The German market is not only one of the biggest in the world but also one of the most attractive in Europe. If nothing else because it plays an important role for the European transit of natural gas. Therewith the vision of a joint European market for energy becomes reality already today.

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