Two-contract model

Two-contract model

To implement the requirements of Section 20 (1b) of the German Energy Supply Act the German network operators cooperate with regard to network access in accordance with the rules of the Cooperation Agreement including the related attachments and guidelines.

Within the context of the two-contract model they offer entry and/or exit capacities to transmission customers within the market areas based on Attachment 1 to the Cooperation Agreement. The Attachment 1 builds the nationally uniform capacity contract and enables the network access without a defined transaction-dependent transmission path. In addition the entry- and exit-capacities are independently usable and tradable.

For access to a market area within the context of the two-contract model it is necessary to conclude a contract for entry capacity with the network operator into whose network gas is to be delivered for the transmission customer (entry contract). Furthermore it is necessary to conclude a contract for exit capacity with the network operator in whose network the exit point is located (exit contract).

The contracting parties of the CoA enable inter-network transmission by means of internal orders of the necessary capacities with the adjacent network operator in the market area.

To deliver or redeliver gas quantities into or from the market area, it is necessary to include at the network system operator these booked entry and/or exit capacities in a balancing group contract concluded with the balancing group network operator. It is possible to combine the entry and exit capacities within a market area in any way and independent from the respective network system operator. The balancing group contract is used to define the gas quantities of the balancing group manager in the market area to be balanced on both an hourly and a cumulative basis. The netting is performed by the balancing group network operator of the market area.

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