Primary capacity platform PRISMA

Primary capacity platform PRISMA

Services for gas transport

As of autumn of 2011 all German gas transmission system operators and as of beginning 2013 a major part of the European transmission system operators market their transport capacity over a common online platform. For transport customers this means that they are able to plan gas transport much more easily, conveniently and flexibly via a single online platform. Marketing of firm capacity at cross-border and national interconnection points is conducted exclusively through auctions. As of 1 November 2015 the same auction mechanism applies to interruptible capacity at cross-border and national interconnection points. The remaining capacity, e.g. at directly connected end-customers or storage connection points is marketed on a fcfs (first come – first served) basis also through the online platform.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH operates this joint platform, the shareholder of the company are mayor European gas transmission system operators.

PRISMA strengthens competition and enhances the transport of natural gas.

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