Network access

Cooperation agreement defines rules for gas transport

Gasunie offers its customers transparent access to its interregional transportation. Network access is offered on the basis of the current Cooperation Agreement between German network operators and Gasunie's General Terms and Conditions Transport in the respective valid version.

The transport is operated within a so-called entry-exit-system by concluding entry- and exit-contracts between Gasunie and the transport customer. Downstream network operators that are directly connected to Gasunie’s network are conducting the process of internal ordering, which is ruled in the Cooperation Agreement. The network operators are responsible for up- or downstream networks where feed-in or withdrawal of gas is done. It is distinguished between distribution system operators with entry-exit-system and network participation system.

The long-distance network operators are building market areas and appoint a balancing group network operator, who is responsible for the tasks laid down in by-law for grid access (GasNZV). At every market area a virtual trading point is implemented, where gas can be traded and volumes can be transferred between balancing groups.The balancing group network operators are also parties of the Cooperation Agreement. In Germany two market areas are established, GASPOOL and Net Connect Germany (NCG).

The transmission customer books these entry and/or exit capacities with the respective entry and/or exit network operator of the respective market area. 

Contracted entry and/or exit points must be included in balancing groups. For the market area  GASPOOL the GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH offers this service. Under the terms of the balancing group contract the balancing group manager must ensure that the sum of the hourly entries of the balancing group matches the sum of the hourly exits of the balancing group.

General Terms and Conditions

The contractual terms governing network access with Gasunie are defined in the General Terms and Conditions Transport for the market area GASPOOL (Areas Gasunie).

The currently applicable tariffs for capacity bookings at entry and/or exit points of Gasunie’s transmission network as well as further services are published in our pricelist.

You will find the tariff list and further documents relevant for network access with Gasunie, for example specimen contracts for different services offered by Gasunie, in our download centre.

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Technical glossary
Use our reference work, from A for additional balancing volume to W for Wobbe number.