Market area GASPOOL

Market area GASPOOL

Gasunie together with GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, Gastransport Nord GmbH,  Nowega GmbH and ONTRAS Gastransport GASPOOL is a shareholder of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH, based in Berlin.

The company’s objective is to operate the GASPOOL market area in Germany, which incorporates about 350 downstream natural gas transport networks.

By the integration of the market area H-Gas Northern Germany Jordgas Transport GmbH is also involved in this market area cooperation.

Here you will find the website of GASPOOL.

What is the functioning of a market area?

The parties to the Cooperation Agreement have specified market areas for inter-network transmission. A market area is an alliance of several networks or subnetworks connected by interconnection points, in which a transmission customer may use booked capacities at entry and exit points in a flexible manner. A market area extends from the entry points of a network or subnetwork of long-distance gas network operators to the exit points (export interconnection points, hubs, storage facilities, interconnection points between market areas or end-consumers) which are fluid dynamically accessible and allocated to this market area. Each exit point to final consumers is allocated to exactly one market area.

Transport within a market area is ensured on the basis of an entry contract and an exit contract. Gas transport requires the prior inclusion of the booked entry and/or exit points in a balancing group at a long-distance network operator of the market area. For the market area GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH acts on behalf of the long-distance network operators cooperating in this market area.

Every market area includes a Virtual Trading Point at which gas quantities may be traded and transferred between balancing groups.

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