Feed-in of upgraded biogas

Feed-in of upgraded biogas

Gasunie is committed to a secure and clean supply of energy following the idea of sustainability. Because Gasunie believes in a sustainable future with a balanced energy mix, where natural gas from diverse sources plays furthermore an important role. Therefore Gasunie enables interested parties a feed-in of upgraded on-spec biogas, Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) and Hydrogen from Power-to-Gas facilities into the gas transportation network of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH. To feed in upgraded biogas into the transportation network, please send us the completed form “Netzanschlussbegehren – Biomethan” (available only in German), which you will find by clicking on the link below.

Netzanschlussbegehren / Grid Connection Request

The technical requirements for the feed-in of upgraded on-spec biogas (available only in German) you will find by clicking the following link.

Technische Mindestanforderungen / Technical Minimum Requirements

In case you are interested in connecting a Power-to-Gas facility and the injection of SNG or Hydrogen into the network of Gasunie, please contact us including a brief project-description.

Our specialists in the transport of natural gas will be pleased to help you.