Gas transport

Gas transport

Europe relies on natural gas. It provides us the energy to work, to live and to enjoy life. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and it helps us to build a sustainable future. Natural gas is a regular part of our lives and that's why we always work on safe and reliable gas transport every day. So we can continue to rely that the natural gas is received where and when it is required.

Competence and experience are the key words that make Gasunie one of the leading players in natural gas transportation in Germany. Gasunie connects markets to improve the liquidity of the gas market in North-West Europe.  With the confidence our customers place in us, we need to concentrate all our energy on working for them. Our technical solutions and range of services for natural gas transportation are as individual as our customers’ needs.

Innovation in cross border service is a main driver of our activities. Our position as cross-border network operator provides a link between gas trading hubs which improves the liquidity of the gas market in North-West Europe. Thereby we contribute to an efficient functioning of the European gas market and facilitate competition in the interest of gas users in the region.

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