Gasunie Deutschland

Gasunie - Activities in Germany

Gasunie is a leading European natural gas infrastructure company - with a strong base in the German market.  Gasunie Deutschland is responsible for the management, the operation and the development of the 3600 km long long-distance pipeline grid. As an active member of the Gasunie-group we will pursue a set of strategic main goals:

  • Optimise value of existing assets
  • Strengthen leading position as cross- border gasinfrastructure company in Europe
  • Enable transition towards more sustainable energy usage

Thus, Gasunie shall contribute to the Nort-West European gas roundabout.

The challenge is to transport natural gas at any time, safely and at appropriate market prices. With our infrastructure, an intelligent system of transport pipelines and transport installations, we are the active connecting link between natural gas suppliers and their customers. Within this market, Gasunie Deutschland is making their mark, helping to shape the future.

We have been successfully providing transport solutions for the natural gas market for years. Our customers are domestic and international gas companies, gas traders and gas producers. They can rely on our competence and experience.

In recent decades, Gasunie Deutschland have set up an efficient pipeline network of around 3,600 kilometres. In total, Gasunie Deutschland employ about 230 employees. Because of it's geographical location in the North of Germany, Gasunie's transport network takes on the function of a roundabout in the European natural gas transit system, from North to South and from East to West.

Finding solutions together
The tailor-made transport concepts are developed by our teams of specialists. The dialogue with the customer is important to us, because only in this way we can also help shape the market. When it comes to developing solutions together with our customers, we are committed to making use of all the chances which the liberalisation of the natural gas markets in Europe offers us. All our activities are geared to facilitating the market - both for industrial and domestic gas customers.

Our specialists will be pleased to help you.